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    937090 - Water Walking

    Water Walking introduces new exercise variables such as buoyancy, water resistance, and heat exchange between your body and water that may add to the benefits you get out of exercising in water.
    Buoyancy in water - this is the floating part about being in water, this is helpful in building better balance.
    Water pressure and resistance - just by being in water can improve circulation and even burn off fat.
    Temperature of water - due to difference in your temperature and that of water you burn more calories.
    Walking in water makes a great aerobic workout that helps put your body in the fat burning zone. Water buoyancy reduces the burden that the exercises have on your body making it more enjoyable while you burn more calories and fat.

    Recieve 50% off of your registration by packaging this program with Boot Camp H20 or Water Fitness!
    If you would like to register for water walking as an add on, you must register for either Boot Camp H20 or Water Fitness FIRST in order for the special discount price to be applied.

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    937090-AWater Walking06/03/19 - 06/27/19 6:30A - 9:30AM-Th$30/$40Item DetailsUnavailableLocation DetailsRead Notice
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