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    918970 - Spring Break Skate Camp

    Start up your Spring Break with Square State Skate. Wow, that was a lot of "S's!" Escape on a one, three or five 5-day camp with an elite crew of goofballs, travel to exotic skateboard destinations, skate with sponsored skaters, and explore skateboarding like you never have before! Learn some new skills and explore all the different areas of skating, from safety and etiquette to advanced park riding. Come join us for some fun and be a part of our active skateboard community.

    About Square State Skate
    Run by professional educators, Square Skate Skate has more experience engaging youth, directing programs and skating with kids than any other program around. Our commitment to familiaes and the communicty is paramount and our techniques are unmatches when it comes to helping kids grow and lern, not on and off their skateboard. Learn more about us at www.squarestateskate.com.

    After all, anyone can learn tricks...we focus on the kids!

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    918970-3WWednesday-only Skate Camp03/27/19 - 03/27/19 3:30P - 5:30PW$80/$90Item DetailsUnavailableLocation DetailsRead Notice
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