Details for Both (N&S) @ White Tail Park

2550 Autumn Ridge Blvd
Lafayette CO, 80026
Web Reg Available to:
Both Residents and Non Residents
Max Capacity: 75
Whitetail Park features 12.2 acres of public land in a formalized landscape. Whitetail Park acknowledges the historical, ecological, and geographical significance of the land upon which it sits. There are two shelters at this park, which can be rented together to accomodate up to 75 people. This reservation item is to reserve BOTH shelters.

Fees and Hours Available

9 A.M.- 2 P.M. - $100.00

3 P.M. - 8 P.M. - $100.00

All Day - $200.00

Additional Permits Available

Alcohol: $25.00

Noise: $10.00 (must be purchased at City Hall)

**If you say YES to the questions "Are Your Serving Alcohol" an alcohol permit is AUTOMATICALLY ADDED to your permit. There is NO additional permit.**
Maximum days in advance facility can be reserved: (287)
Minimum days in advance facility can be reserved: (7)